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Osteopathy was found in the 19th Century by the medical pioneer Dr Andrew Taylor Still. It is a drug free manual therapy with a hands on holistic approach of diagnosis and treatment for musculoskeletal conditions.

Listed below are some key principles he implemented to guide practicing Osteopaths in their treatment approach:

  • The body as a unit 
  • Body having its own self-healing mechanism 
  • Structure governing function 
  • ‘Rule of the artery’ is supreme
    (Effected areas need a good blood supply to aid healing)

Osteopaths complete an extensive 4 to 5 year integrated masters course which include anatomy, physiology, pathology, techniques for treatments and rigourous in a clinical setting.

Common Conditions treated:

  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Shoulder, elbow and wrist pain 
  • Sports injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Trapped nerves
  • Headaches
  • Hip, knee and foot pain
  • Arthritis
  • Posture issues
  • Symptoms of medical conditions such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

What to expect from your first appointment.

Initial Consultation: Here, the practitioner will aim to address the symptoms experienced and may also question other influencing components such as; maintaining factors, work activity, lifestyle and general medical health to construct an overarching image of the patient’s presentation.

Assessment: This begins with a general standing examination which will be followed by active and passive movements, orthopaedic testing and if necessary medical tests (blood pressure, reflexes etc.), to create a working diagnosis. At this stage you may be asked to dress down to underwear or sports wear, if you are at all uncomfortable with this then please inform the practitioner.

Furthermore, the practitioner will explain their findings and tailor a bespoke treatment plan for the patient.

Treatment Methods may include:

  • Soft tissue massage 
  • Articulation of joints (joint mobilisation) 
  • Manipulation (‘clicking’ or ‘cracking’ of joints)
  • Stretching
  • Exercise and lifestyle advice 
  • Medical Acupuncture and Kinesiology taping