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Personal Training

Movement is medicine. Designing a fitter, stronger more efficient you

One to One Coaching

Our philosophies focus on training the human body as one unit. The training methods we recommend incorporate natural movements to optimise the human machinery.

This unique approach to personal training focuses on empowering you with natural movements that provide structural integrity and  provide human movement efficiency.

The goal of the session is for you to reach your health goals and provide you with a fun exercise regime that will inspire you to live a healthier lifestyle. 

We offer this service to anyone who has never exercised before, find it difficult to get to the gym, are recovering from an injury or simply if you want a motivating exercise session to help reach your goals.

Our exercise session will involve:

  • Fat loss
  • Natural movement
  • Core conditioning
  • Circuit training
  • Functional movement and training
  • Posture correction and corrective exercise
  • Interval training

The process will involve:

  1. Pre-session Questionnaire
    • Before we undertake the exercise session, a health and lifestyle questionnaire will be provided for you to complete via email. This can be filled in electronically and sent back. This will allow your goals to be processed and taking into consideration your individual circumstances so that the session can be tailored to you.
  2. Personal Training Session
    • On arriving a short posture and muscular assessment will be done in order to determine safety limits on different forms of exercise.
    • We will then undertake a one hour exercise session tailored to your goals.
  3. Feedback, Motivation and Continued Sessions
    • We will provide you with constant feedback on what areas we believe are best for you to develop to reach your goal. This will be combined with constant motivation and support.

Group Personal Training

We also offer group personal training sessions for 2-8 people. We strongly recommend you get family, friends or work colleagues on board and get people around you to support your healthy choices and create a supportive healthy environment. This can go a long way to make your health changes sustainable and develop your relationships as well!