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Satveer Kang

Satveer graduated from The British School of Osteopathy in London with an integrated Masters Degree in Osteopathy. Satveer treats in mainly a structural holistic way and has undertaken additional courses, such as Medical Acupuncture and Kinesiology taping to add to practice.

Satveer has gained a wide range of experience and interests, working with an array of patients from general maintenance and postural issues, to severely acute, sports injuries including national Strongwoman competitor and medical conditions (e.g. chronic fatigue syndrome).

Satveer believes that everyone can benefit from osteopathic treatment which drives his desire to make Osteopathy more recognised not just in general but all medical platforms. This results in him being passionate and genuinely committed in providing effective, innovative and efficient treatments for his patients. Satveer take great responsibility in continuing to learn and develop his skills in all areas to ensure this.

Satveer has keen interest in sport with being a avid cricket player since childhood, he also plays squash, practises yoga and enjoys the gym. He has two German Shepherd dogs and likes to socialise with friends and family, as well as travelling the world to discover new places and adventures.